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Up Close – Exciting Wildlife Experiences

The sheer number of rare native species make for a variety of wildlife experiences for visitors to enjoy. There are several opportunities to see creatures great and small in their natural habitat or in well maintained reserves.

Whale Watching

The shores of New Zealand are teeming with marine life and on a whale watching trip you will generally encounter seals, dolphins and albatrosses. Whale Watch Kaikoura offers boat trips, getting up close to the magnificent Sperm Whale. Tours can be booked year round and they guarantee a 95% success rate. Aside from seeing these majestic creatures in their element, your guide will share their knowledge with you. Humpbacks, Orcas, Pilot whales and many more are also likely to be encountered.

Swimming With Seals

Again head for Kaikōura to enjoy a memorable swimming with seals experience. The family owned Seal Swim Kaikōura will guide you to the best sites and provide you with snorkeling equipment. They enjoy rave reviews and are recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy a wonderfully simple, natural encounter with wild Fur Seals. Working alongside the department of conservation, you can be sure that the seals are under no stress and are free to come and go as they please. Fortunately they’re naturally curious creatures and are sure to want to check you out!

Kiwi Tours

These fairly elusive creatures can occasionally be spotted by the determined bird watcher late at night in their forest habitats on Stewart Island. However for a better chance, head for Kapiti Island for a guided, overnight kiwi spotting tour. Kapiti Island Nature Tours offer several packages for the best chance to spot a kiwi in its natural environment. They have a range of island accommodation ensuring a fantastic trip.

Penguin Conservation

The endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation Reserve is a fantastic place to view these spectacular creatures in a natural environment. Using a series of tunnels and hides you can view the most endangered penguin in the world at close range without disturbing them. This working conservation offers informative tours and is located in Dunedin.


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