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Seven Wonders of New Zealand

New Zealand is a naturally stunning country and home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. While there are far more than just seven wonders in this magnificent land, to list them all would be a herculean task. Here’s a small selection of some of the best.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is renowned for its incredible, scenery, which can barely be described by words alone. This spectacular Fjord, surrounded by mountains and forest is best explored by boat, though there are a number of hiking trails in the area too. It’s easily accessed and is a stone’s throw away from Queenstown.

White Island

Named by Captain Cook who initially mistook it for a cloud of steam, this volcanic island is very much active and has a disastrous history. It can be reached daily by helicopter or boat.


New Zealand’s thermal wonderland is home to a number of spectacular thermal springs, acidic pools, geysers and mud pools. The Devil’s bath and Champagne lake are notable for their warm waters and vivid colors.

Waitomo Caves

Take a trip into another world and enjoy the stunning show put on by the resident glow worms. There are walking, boat and rafting tours in the caves. Climbing and abseiling into the gloom can also be enjoyed.

Aurora Australis

The Southern Lights are a spectacular night time display across the skies of southern New Zealand. While most frequent during winter months, they can be seen all year round, though they’re not very predictable. Stewart Island is a great place to view them.

Fox Glacier

Well worth a visit for any traveler, this stunning glacier runs almost 13km from the mountains to the sea, dropping a dizzying 2,600m. The snow compacts to create stunning blue ice, hundreds of meters deep. You can hear the ice grinding as it pushes and pulls through the landscape, ten times faster than any other glacier in the world.

Tongariro National Park

This is Lord of the Rings country, home to the epic Mount Doom and many other sites, including three volcanoes.


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