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Adventure Travel in New Zealand

New Zealand is the ideal destination for anyone who loves adventure and extreme sports. Adrenaline junkies certainly won’t be without activities to keep their hearts racing while in New Zealand. There are a great many all inclusive packages to choose from, which will arrange a variety of activities, tours and hikes. These vary in cost, depending on the duration of the trip and the activities involved. Often they can be tailor made to suit your schedule and desires. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, here’s some of what New Zealand has to offer.


There are many places to try skydiving, but for the highest altitude drop, head to Abel Tasman. The views from thousands of feet up are incredible and the feeling of free falling is unrivaled.

Bungy Jumping

Tying some elastic to your ankles and plummeting hundreds of meters might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but if it floats your boat, head for the original bridge jump in Queenstown, the first ever bungee jump in the world.


Underground New Zealand is as packed with stunning things to see and do as the surface. There are caving systems to suit all levels, with expert spelunkers claiming New Zealand offers some of the most challenging systems in the world. The Waitomo caves offer a mix of walking, caving and blackwater rafting through some of the most spectacular subterranean scenery in the world.


Rafting experiences in New Zealand range from drifting calmly through tranquil waters, surrounded by jungle, to nerve shattering white water rapids. Trips can last a few hours or several days, with a variety of guided tours offered throughout the country.


There are thousands of tiny back roads criss crossing the country, ideal for off-road adventures. These range from self driving trips, to chauffeured tours. Land rovers, quads and even dirt bikes can be used to cut across the epic back country and beaches.


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