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  • Seven Wonders of New Zealand

    Seven Wonders of New Zealand

    New Zealand is a naturally stunning country and home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. While there are far more than just seven wonders in this magnificent land, to list them all would be a herculean task. Here’s a small selection of some of the best. […]

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  • Up Close – Exciting Wildlife Experiences

    Up Close – Exciting Wildlife Experiences

    The sheer number of rare native species make for a variety of wildlife experiences for visitors to enjoy. There are several opportunities to see creatures great and small in their natural habitat or in well maintained reserves. Whale Watching The shores of New Zealand are teeming with marine life and […]

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  • Birds of New Zealand

    Birds of New Zealand

    Many consider New Zealand the seabird capital of the world and with numerous species found nowhere else, it’s easy to see why. Albatross – There are 14 albatross species native to New Zealand, including two royal albatrosses, the largest in the world. The coasts of New Zealand are the breeding […]

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  • Hiking Trails for Every Type of Traveller

    Hiking Trails for Every Type of Traveller

    There are many great walks throughout New Zealand, ranging from half day jaunts to a number of exciting multi day hikes. Taking in a range of breathtaking scenery, it’s fantastic to pull on your hiking boots and get out there. Multi-day Hikes For lovers of the great outdoors there is […]

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